Not by Name Only

Not by Name Only

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‘I am an entrepreneur’ ‘I am the CEO of my business’ ‘I am a blogger’ ‘I have a startup’


People don’t take notice; you hardly get gigs; your blog has low traffic with high bouncing rate; you find it difficult to attract new customers?

Not by name only!

These days, young men and women desire to be associated with a business or activity. We all want to join the bandwagon of the ‘next big thing’!

We hardly care to learn or wait patiently to know what that new business meant or how it aligns with our true passions. No wonder, many get lost in the multitudes of ‘I have a business’.

I’m going to tell you three things you need to do before you call yourself that ‘name’:

(1). Don’t get overwhelmed with the urge to start a business without knowing it fully.

Know the prospects, the requirements and the risks. Don’t let the many “motivational speakers” online to rush you in doing ANYTHING that you didn’t think and plan for.

(2). More than calling yourself ‘an entrepreneur’, ‘ a businesswoman’, etc, please be ready to work that name!

Don’t call yourself a digital marketer, when you know you won’t be online for more than 2 months. Don’t call yourself a website designer and you can’t change a WordPress theme. Don’t start selling those shoes online, if you haven’t figured out a way to respond to queries promptly!

(3). Keep innovating and making your ‘name’ acceptable and effective.

This is important especially if you are operating a one-man business. The way you are doing business 3 years ago is still the same this year?! You hardly follow trends or the interests of your target customers. Probably your potential customers need a video of the hairs you sell, but you are still writing ‘I sell hair’ on your posts. Your customers have gone far ahead of your business and you might struggle to bring them to your own business level.

Nobody will put money into your account, just because you bear a ‘name’. It is what you do with the ‘name’ that matters.

The world is full of people bearing various names such as ‘entrepreneur’, businessman’, ‘marketer’, ‘CEO’; it is time for you to start working on the name you call yourself (or about to call yourself).


-Stephen O. Olawumi

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